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Williams College is an elite private liberal arts school in Williamstown, MA. It was founded in 1793 by the estate of Rev. Ephraim Williams, an abolitionist and colonial leader from the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Rev. Ephraim's son-in-law, Henry Rice Williams, was the college's original dean.

The first graduating class included such notable men as Senator Daniel Webster, who became the second president of Harvard; Alexander Hamilton, who served as the third president of the U.S. and was a member of the Continental Congress; George Washington, who was the fourth U.S. president; and John Adams, the fifth president of the U.S. and one of the nation's first cabinet members. Some notable alumni of Williams College include future Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Others include former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, former New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, and singer Diana Ross. Some of the most prestigious schools that have graduated students with degrees from Williams College are Harvard University, Yale University, and the University of Chicago.

As you may guess, many of these students are involved in important and influential fields of study. Many of them will make significant contributions to the world. In fact, many of the most eminent scholars in the field of human rights, education, or history earned their degrees at Williams College. One notable example of a Williams alum is Noam Chomsky, the world-famous linguist and political dissident. Another is author Edward Said, who is known for his criticism of Western culture.

Williams College is also noted for being one of the few colleges in America where women hold full enrollment. This may be due to the fact that most women have traditionally considered it to be a predominantly male college, even though it has more female students than men. There are also a number of gay and lesbian students at Williams.

Because Williams is a selective school, there are a lot of advantages to attending. For example, many of the scholarships that are available to students at Williams College are free, which allows students to pay little or no tuition.

The financial aid at Williams is a little different than other colleges. Most universities offer loans and other financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students, but only a few have scholarships available to them. In addition, the school itself offers a number of student loans.

While the majority of scholarships at Williams are awarded to students with exceptional academic ability, some . . . . . . are given based on need. In addition, there are also merit-based scholarships, and in some cases parents may pay part or all of the tuition for their child.

For the most part, the money for financial aid at Williams comes from students. Students generally contribute towards the cost of their own education. They do not receive a grant from Williams.

If you are considering a college, and you are a parent, it's important to research the financial aid options at the schools that interest you. Look at their cost of attendance and the scholarships that they offer.

You should also look for scholarships that are related to your field of study. Scholarships for African American Studies, for example, may pay for books, housing, and other expenses associated with a career in the field. Another good place to look for scholarships is your area of study.

You can often get more than one scholarship. If you are particularly good at your major, you may qualify for two or three awards.

If you want to pay your own way through your education, you may want to look into financial aid as a source of your education. However, don't just assume that this will be available without any kind of investigation. Many students are unaware that they can receive a federal loan and use this to pay their tuition.

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