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Howard University is a historically black, federal chartered institution in Washington, D.C., it is recognized as a high-performing academic institution. It is accredited by the Mid-Sates Commission on Higher Education and classified as “R2: Master's of Fine Arts.” A recent study conducted by U.S. News and World Report named it as one of the best public four-year universities in America.

Howard University offers a number of majors and minors to students of all backgrounds and ethnicities. There are also numerous concentrations in areas of interest such as arts and humanities, business, law, medicine, education, engineering, liberal arts, political science, psychology and sociology.

The undergraduate degree is an online bachelor's degree program which can be completed either on-campus or at an accredited university or college. The online program provides a fast-paced and flexible learning environment for students and offers a choice of classes that are both traditional and non-traditional. The majority of students enroll in an online Bachelor of Science degree program which requires study of science and mathematics, while others prefer to focus on a more specialized field such as art history or African-American studies.

An online Bachelor's degree program provides a variety of student choices in addition to the flexibility that traditional campus-based program offers. Students who choose an online degree program can pursue their degrees from the convenience of their home or office and still take classes at a traditional campus on a regular schedule. Students at an online degree program may participate in co-op placements with current students of the same major or area of study as they plan to complete their degrees. This enables students to complete their degree within the time frame of their chosen career path without affecting their day-to-day life.

The student-faculty ratio at an online Bachelor's degree program at Howard University is approximately sixteen students per faculty member. Classes are taught in an interactive and personalized learning environment using modern and engaging technology to create an experience that is unique and distinct. The traditional classroom has been replaced by an open format known as “virtual classrooms,” which involves teaching the material from a web-cam. using streaming multimedia presentations rather than a traditional text book format. Students are encouraged to learn to use the web-cam so as not to interrupt and disrupt the learning process.

Traditional classrooms are often crowded with busy students who may be overwhelmed by information that is presented to them in different ways and with varying speeds. Online class lectures are often delivered using a lecture format that makes it easy for students to listen and comprehend the information. and retain what is being taught.

Howard University also offers programs that are specifically designed to enhance careers or training for . . . . . . current and future career prospects. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree through programs that are offered online, and many of these programs can also be completed through a mix of on-campus and online study.

The University provides a variety of online Bachelor's degree programs for students who want to specialize in a particular field or career path. There are also online Master's degree programs in subjects such as education, legal studies, business administration, and the arts and humanities. These programs offer students a unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare them for a wide range of career goals.

The online Bachelor's degree program at Howard University allows students to complete their degree in less than two years. Students can complete their courses in the spring, summer, or fall. Some classes may be taken part-time, while other classes may be taken full-time.

Students will typically complete all of their coursework on a traditional college campus and can enroll in up to sixty-two units at one time. If students wish to continue working while earning their degree, they can complete a work program after graduation. or attend part-time work. programs or vocational schools while completing other requirements of their Bachelor's degree program.

All online Bachelor's degree programs at Howard University are fully accredited and accepted by all the regional, national and international associations of professional licensing agencies. which guarantees that students are being provided with quality and legitimate education.

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