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Bachelor of Social Science is an academic degree in social science at the bachelor's degree level. The Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences has been accredited to the American Council on Education Commission on Higher Education and National Center for Career Education. The Bachelor's of Science in Social Sciences (BSSW) is a two-year program that prepares students to enter the realm of social sciences at both the masters and doctoral levels.

The Bachelor's degrees are designed to teach basic principles and theories of social science. Students may major in one of several disciplines of social science including sociology, anthropology, law, education, public administration, and counseling. Students can also major in one or more related courses in the disciplines of the student's choice. For example, a student can major in law and psychology, public administration, and sociology all within the area of social science and have an interdisciplinary coursework.

Students must have at least a high school diploma, but it does not have to be in order to enroll in Bachelor's of Science in Social Sciences (BSSW) programs. Applicants must complete a general education requirement, which is often part of the admission requirements. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required in order to enter an undergraduate degree program in the BSW field.

An important benefit to earning a Bachelor's degree is a good job outlook in a field of study that requires an internship. In many cases, students who earn their Bachelor's degrees will enter the workforce after graduation and begin looking for work immediately.

There are four main areas of study within the Bachelor's of Science in Social Sciences (BSSW) program. These include social justice, policy, development, and public policy. Students will take classes in these areas in depth, with emphasis on their focus areas. They will also take additional courses in the fields of economics, psychology, and other related subjects.

The Bachelor's degree requires students to complete an internship prior to graduation. Internships are typically required by employers in a BSW program. The internship is generally a semester long, although there are some programs where the student is allowed to spend only two weeks on campus, depending on the length of the program.

Policy, development, and public policy coursework require students to analyze current issues facing society as a whole. These courses will examine topics such as immigration, poverty, public health, education, social spending, politics, and the environment, and the workplace. Students will discuss various policy options, explore theories and evidence concerning these topics, and compare these to real world scenarios.

Students also take classes in psychology in the areas of social science. This is usually a required course for all BSW students, although not always. Students in these courses will learn about behavior, socialization, and mental health.

Achieving a Bachelor's degree in Social . . . . . . Sciences does not guarantee employment, but it certainly opens many doors of opportunities for students seeking careers in the social sciences. Jobs can range from government jobs in the areas of development and social justice to positions in the business sector working with human resource departments and related fields, like finance and business administration.

Those who earn their Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences often find that they are well rounded and able to perform tasks that were once thought only available to those with graduate degrees. They may find themselves working in a variety of fields, depending on the program in which they chose.

Students should consider whether or not the program they plan on enrolling in will suit their needs and abilities before enrolling. While the program itself will determine what type of employment opportunities there are, some students may want to continue their education after earning their degree in order to obtain higher education in an advanced field. This will provide students with additional skills and allow them to broaden their career horizons.

Many students also consider the financial benefits of pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences. There is a need for more qualified workers today than ever before. Those in a career path in the social sciences often have the opportunity to advance their education and get their foot in the door. This will allow them to get ahead in their field and secure a better salary in a growing economy.

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