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Dartmouth College is an elite private Ivy League research college in Hanover, Massachusetts, United States. Founded by Eleazar Wheelock in 1769, it has been the eighth-oldest school of higher learning in the U.S. and one of the seven original colonial universities chartered before the Revolution. The campus is located in Hanover, which is situated in the northern section of Hanover County.

Wheelock was a teacher at Harvard University when he established the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He also founded the Harvard Law School in addition to teaching there. Wheelock was also responsible for getting the law school named after himself.

Dartmouth College was originally established by Wheelock as a university that would offer classes in both political science and mathematics. Today, most classes offered are in economics and history. The school offers degrees in business administration, medicine, nursing, arts and humanities and even nursing. The school also offers online courses and distance learning programs.

In addition to being one of the oldest colleges in the country, Dartmouth was actually named after a character in Wheelock's books, Dr. William Dartmouth, who was a doctor and a politician. Dartmouth is also the home of the Wheelock College Class of 1950, which includes some of the most famous writers in American history including Mark Twain, George Eliot, and John Milton.

Although some of the historical buildings and sites on the Dartmouth campus date back much farther than Wheelock's time, the current school buildings are all part of the history of the college. The old Main Building dates back to 1817. It is a grand structure that houses the administrative offices of the college.

The first president of the university was Oliver Hazard Perry, and the first dean of the faculty was David R. Grafton, who also served as the first professor of chemistry in the main building. The building has since been renovated and is now known as the Edward Parnassus Building. The school also has several historical statues of eminent figures throughout its walls.

Dartmouth's library, the Deanery, and the archives of the college are all located on the main campus. The library has a vast collection of texts and is considered the most comprehensive in the world.

There are some historic homes that are located around the Dartmouth's campus. These include the Stokes House, which is one of only seven former U.S. Presidents' residences in the U.S. The Old Schoolhouse, which is one of the earliest buildings to be built in Dartmouth, is also located on this campus. There are also historical buildings, such as the W.Phelps House, located in Dartmouth's original town and is the former home of the W.W. Phelps family, which owns the building today.

While it might . . . . . . seem hard to imagine that a city as small as Dartmouth can have an entire city park, there is a park in Dartmouth called the Seaport Park. This park has gardens, tennis courts, a skating rink, basketball courts, and a picnic area where students can gather and have fun.

Many people think of Dartmouth as being a sleepy town that is full of retirees. This may be true in some ways, but the city actually has a thriving nightlife. Many local bars and restaurants have been located in Dartmouth throughout the years. The best known of these are the Seabrook Restaurant and Pub, the Chops N' Jokes, the Seabrook Lounge, and The Dockside Cafe.

There are many events in the town of Dartmouth throughout the year that keep people interested. One of the most popular events is the Dartmouth Film Festival, which is held in October every year, and it is one of the premier film festivals in the country.

Dartmouth is just one of the first three major universities in New Hampshire, and it is one of the top public research universities in New Hampshire. Since the school has developed a strong reputation for producing scholars and scientists, it continues to be a very respected school that continues to attract the best and brightest young minds from around the country.

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